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NorthStar Batteries distributed by WestCoast Batteries. Reliable energy for demanding applications. High performance AGM NorthStar battery products for auto, marine, commercial, telecom and UPS.


NorthStar batteries are produced with latest technology to provide highest reliability and performance in any application with three simple goals.
1. Manufacture the most reliable batteries in the market
2. Provide a level of unparalleled customer service
3. Continue to develop innovative, leading edge products

All NorthStar Battery products are proudly manufactured in the industry's most advanced manufacturing facility located in the United States in Springfield, Missouri. With two state of the art facilities utilizing the latest robotic and processing technology, and employing leading edge environmental control systems, NorthStar is dedicated to producing the best possible battery on the market.

NorthStar has grown to be a leader in critical off grid power supply focusing on three main segments: Telecom, UPS and Automotive.

Reliability and performance
Innovation demands that NorthStar products must always be the most reliable and best performing products in the market. Reliability demands productivity, long service life, and rare failures.

Innovative products
Our development and manufacturing processes ensure we can always find the optimal solution for every situation. Our products must always, under all circumstances, be the most reliable and best performing products in the market. Reliability demands productivity, long service life, and rare failures. This builds value and our product offering should always exhibit the lowest total cost of operation for our customers.

Green solutions
We have world class manufacturing facilities, built and run to meet toughest possible environmental requirements. Our development is focused on delivering green and sustainable solutions. As our customers in many cases work in remote, undamaged areas, it is of highest importance that when we bring power to communicate, it also must be power to stay green.

Starting with the production process, NorthStar strives to minimize their impact on the environment. NorthStar's new manufacturing plant is a benchmark for the lowest emissions in the industry.


Engine start
For mission-critical operations, the starter battery is a key component to getting the job done - failure must be prevented. Ambulances, police cars, military vehicles and backup power generators require flawless cranking power when called upon, regardless of the environmental or operating conditions. NorthStar Engine-Start batteries provide reliable, consistent performance for these crucial operations

Reliable telecommunications require reliable sources of power. NorthStar specializes in providing dependable power solutions for telecom applications, in both developed and developing geographies. In developed regions, we offer standard products with premium performance. Our knowledge of requirements leads to fine-tuned products, matching the needs of markets with a more stable grid power supply.

There are certain applications where the power supply failure is simply unacceptable. A steady and reliable supply of power is needed to support many acutely critical operations, including data storage, medical equipment, and manufacturing processes. When the regular power supply fails, NorthStar backup batteries are there to secure the operation.